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  • [Vito Marzullo raw #20, #21, #22]

    [Vito Marzullo raw #20, #21, #22]

    00:00 Color bars. While the crew adjusts the camera, director Tom Weinberg can be heard briefing Rakove on what to ask in the interview. 01:40 Easing into the interview, Rakove asks Marzullo what he thinks of the Channel 11 crews documenting his life. Marzullo’s answer reveals a great deal about his attitude toward news media as a whole, namely that he sees it as a waste of taxpayer money that can’t accurately reflect Chicago politic…

  • [Vito Marzullo raw #23, #24, #25]

    [Vito Marzullo raw #23, #24, #25]

    …. You go to the ward meeting of an authoritarian committeeman, and you don’t hear any discussion of democratic principles. You hear a completely authoritarian, Hitler-style tirade.” Despres talks at length about the patronage system in Chicago under Mayor Richard J. Daley. 21:56 Weinberg shows the 25th Ward Democratic Committee ad book, which earned a gross take of $60,000, to Despres. Chuckling as he thumbs through the pages, Despres…

  • [The 90’s Election Specials raw: Braun Spiaggia Fundraiser #3]

    [The 90’s Election Specials raw: Braun Spiaggia Fundraiser #3]

    00:00 This tape begins with color bars. Audio can be heard from the event. 00:18 Cut to a shot of Braun. Interviewer Ray Haninia asks Braun about the rigors of the campaign and how these issues hold her back. She states that campaign finance laws favor the individually wealthy or people who have access to special interests. “That’s not fair. That undermines our democracy and it undermines our institutions… Our country is only g…

  • [Interview with Denise Zaccardi about Guerrilla Television]

    [Interview with Denise Zaccardi about Guerrilla Television]

    “[How did you get started?] Well, it was the sixties… And I had a masters in education, and I decided to take six months off after I graduated. And I was traveling around the country visiting my friends, who were living all over. I was in San Francisco and I turned on the TV, and there was the convention. And I saw this really quirky TV show, and it turned out it was TVTV doing the conventions. So I’m just watching TV and I wen…

  • [Bill Lipinski petition scandal]

    [Bill Lipinski petition scandal]

    00:12 Camera opens on a Channel 2 News report with Lester Holt and Linda McClellan. 00:32 Carol Marin reports on a scandal created by the reelection committee of Congressman Bill Lipinski, who circulated petitions to put a fake candidate on the Republican ballot. Cook County State’s Attorney Richard Devine has no comment. 4:56 Cut to black. 5:06 Tape ends. …

  • [Roll in reel: Making History Awards 2004]

    [Roll in reel: Making History Awards 2004]

    00:09 Color bars and tone. 00:50 Intro for the Chicago Historical Society’s (now Chicago History Museum) 2004 Making History Awards. Brief biographical clip of Stanley Freehling, recipient of the Mayor Harold Washington award for distinction in public service. 2:06 The Archibald Motley Jr. award for distinction in visual arts goes to sculptor Richard Hunt. 3:26 The Joseph Medill award for distinction in journalism and communications goes t…

  • [El Rukn Home Video #1]

    [El Rukn Home Video #1]

    00:29 Camera opens on an El Rukn party. Camera walks around the room, shooting different people. Kids jump in front of the camera. Special focus is put on El Rukn leaders. 2:50 Static. Cut back to the party. Music playing. People talking or dancing. Camera continues moving around the room. 20:47 Static. Cut back to the party. More people dancing. 32:11 Audio stops and tape fast forwards. Return to party. Camera zooms in. Camera is extremely stat…

  • [None of the Above raw #32]

    [None of the Above raw #32]

    00:00 This tape begins with some footage from inside the Bowser home in Morro Bay, California. Journalist John Callaway sits down with Holly Bowser and interviews her about her education and family background. The Bowser children can be heard in the background watching television in their living room. This lasts for several minutes. 04:24 Cut to a shot of Holly and her son Israel sitting down in their front yard. The two look through a number of…


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