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  • The Good War

    The Good War

    00:00 Blank tape. 1:55 Written quote by Studs Terkel: “The title … is a phrase that has been frequently voiced by men of … my generation, to distinguish that war from other wars, declared and undeclared. Quotation marks have been added, not as a matter of caprice or editorial comment, but simply because the adjective ‘good’ mated to the noun ‘war’ is so incongruous.” 2:06 Opening credits, “Pr…

  • Daley, Reel 2

    Daley, Reel 2

    0:00 Author Eugene Kennedy talks about Daley (segment continued from Daley I). 0:35 Callaway introduces segment where he talks with the Daley family. 0:51 The family introduces themselves one by one: Mary Carol Vanecko, youngest daughter; Eleanor Daley, wife of Richard J. Daley; Richard M. Daley, presently Cook County State’s Attorney; Mike Daley; Pat Daley, oldest daughter; and State Rep. John Daley. Pat Daley says about her father that,…

  • Once A Star #2

    Once A Star #2

    0:00 Bars and tone. (There is a brief break around 0:30). 1:02 Text mentions this show has WGN Emmy nomination. 1:20 Opening titles for “Once a Star” and host introductions. 3:20 1963 Bears player Doug Atkins, #81. 3:33 Atkins, now a beer distributor in Knoxville, TN and a pit bull owner, talks about the jobs he has had since leaving football. He was not prepared for the real world after leaving football. 4:25 Atkins talks about the ’63 Be…

  • American Roots Music Chicago

    American Roots Music Chicago

    …cause of the quality of the blacks who came. They came here for a better life.” Cut to an archival lithograph of the Chicago stockyards. Studs Terkel narrates: “The stockyards were there, the steel mills were there, the Chicago Defender–the most famous of all African American newspapers. That was the means of communication. That was how the sharecroppers heard about Chicago.” 2:39 Cut to a photograph of the front page of t…

  • Pop Video Test: Potpourri, parts 1 and 2

    Pop Video Test: Potpourri, parts 1 and 2

    0:00 Pop Video Series graphics 0:34 The Wizard by Lillian Somersaulter. 1:00 Animated story about a wizard who makes mischief by ruining the pies of women in town or turning people into animals. 8:25 Greetings from Lanesville, home of the world’s smallest TV station. The home of the Ginsbergs, where a cousin from the Soviet Union is visiting. The family speaks in Russian and then decide to watch Lanesville TV. We then see the program they…

  • Image Union, episode 0532: Riverview Plus 2

    Image Union, episode 0532: Riverview Plus 2

    0:00 Slate, count-in. 0:24 Image Union opening. 1:04 Black and white film footage of Riverview amusement park with folk song lamenting its loss. Title: “I Remember Riverview” by Phil Ranstrom. Footage of Aladdin’s castle, the Chutes, the freak show, cotton candy, the Bobs. 1:59 Color video footage. Former Riverview employees talk about the park and their favorite rides. Woman talks about how fun the park was. Man says that his…

  • Dave Meggyesy, tape 2

    Dave Meggyesy, tape 2

    0:01 A visually distorted shot fragment of Dave Meggyesy speaking: “The couch doesn’t play the game, you play the game. You have a certain measure of power, just gotta get it organized.” 0:10 Meggyesy talks about the abuse a player will accept from a couch, when they wouldn’t accept it otherwise. He says this is even more significant when the team members, who normally would be supportive and friendly, turn their backs wh…

  • Near North Montessori #2

    Near North Montessori #2

    0:00 Anda and Mark are now interviewing a girl named Selene from the 6-9 class. Miyako explains that in the 6-9 class, the afternoon generally features individual creative work, such as drawing. She shows an area of the wall where there are little wooden cards with each child’s name on them. She explains that when students wish to go to the restroom or the library, instead of asking for permission, they simply move their name tag to the ap…


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