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  • [Rally for Puerto Rican Nationalists]

    [Rally for Puerto Rican Nationalists]

    1:09 The videotape begins after a period of black and static screen. A song is playing in the background as supporters of the freed Puerto Rican Nationalists march in the street. Supports hold a large white banner with black lettering which welcomes the Nationalists. 2:00 Lolita Lebron and Rafael Cancel Miranda make their way to the center of a crowded room that is full of supporters to make a speech. Lolita speaks about the victory being the Am… Continue reading

  • [Interview with Jim Morrissette about Guerrilla Television]

    [Interview with Jim Morrissette about Guerrilla Television]

    “I started out as a filmmaker, doing documentary film on 16 millimeter. I was also at the University of Illinois at the time, in their Media Production Center. And in the early ’70s, when the first portable video cameras–affordable portable video cameras–arrived, they didn’t arrive at the media department, they arrived at the department of sociology. And these people would grab the cameras and run out and shoot even… Continue reading

  • [Politics of Intimacy – Kathy / Cina]

    [Politics of Intimacy – Kathy / Cina]

    This is raw footage shot for Julie Gustafson’s documentary, “The Politics of Intimacy.” In this seminal feminist video, ten women address the camera and seemingly each other in a wide-ranging exploration of such previously taboo subjects as women’s sexuality, power, and fears about intimacy. This interview is with Kathy Mahr & Cina. Originally shot in 1/2″ B & W video. … Continue reading

  • [Marc Smith III]

    [Marc Smith III]

    2:05 Camera opens on Marc Smith on a stage at a bar. Title Screen. Cut to Smith sitting on a couch and talking about his marriage, his start writing, and his job. He talks about being a show man and starting Slam Poetry. Footage of the outside of the two jazz clubs he performed at.  4:35 He talks about his perception of what the relationship between a performer and the audience should be. He talks about being an alcoholic and losing his family…. Continue reading

  • [Politics of Intimacy – Joanne – Tape 1]

    [Politics of Intimacy – Joanne – Tape 1]

    00:26 Expressing sexuality through dancing    01:25 The physicality of feeling sexual    02:26 Vulnerability of feeling sexual around men    03:05 Not feeling in touch with sexual feelings    04:13 Finding sexual pleasure after having sexual intercourse experiences with men. Becoming sexually aware awhile after having sex with partners   05:13 Masturbation   07:30 Feeling resentful about being sexually unaware    08:15 Speaks on the differences… Continue reading

  • [1982-3  Harold Washington news compilation]

    [1982-3 Harold Washington news compilation]

    00:00 Nov 10, 1982 Harold Washington announces his run for Chicago mayor (note: tape damage in part of this section). 2:39 Dec 27, 1982, Washington awarded #1 spot on Democratic Primary ballot, Jane Byrne campaigns in the Black community. 4:47 Dec 30, 1982, IVI-IPO endorses Harold Washington for mayor, Mayor Byrne attempts to remove Civil Service protections from city jobs. 7:38 Jan 5, 1983, Washington campaigns at Disney Magnet School, criticiz… Continue reading

  • [Pledge night #1 Bob and Tom]

    [Pledge night #1 Bob and Tom]

    00:00 Jerry Lee Lewis sings “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On” in old footage. 03:16 Changing of channels, different programs start and end. Color goes in and out. Not important stuff. 04:29 WTTW pledge-drive comes back. Host asks for callers. 08:12 Two University of Chicago men talk inaudibly about the Darwin show. Host suggests there are audio problems and hawks for more money. 9:29 University of Chicago panel members talk about… Continue reading

  • [Politics of Intimacy – Bonnie Tape 1]

    [Politics of Intimacy – Bonnie Tape 1]

    00:21 Title card reads “ST. PATRICK’S DAY NEW YORK CITY 1972”   00:27 Being overstimulated    01:50 Communicating sexual desires with sexual partners    03:25 The perceived view of women orgasms by men and if they deem it important that their female sexual partners have orgasms     04:12 The pressures to orgasm and faking climaxes    5:10 Insecurities of showing pleasure during intercourse    08:07 Fears around sexuality and be… Continue reading


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