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  • [Excerpts 1st Global Village Program Fall 1969]

    [Excerpts 1st Global Village Program Fall 1969]

    Raw footage from a variety of sources. Originally shown as a multi channel video performance switched live and screened on a bank of TV monitors. Includes footage from Woodstock performances, interviews with activists Abbie Hoffman and and Jerry Rubin, musical performances taped off of television, and naked festival-goers.

  • Hot Video with Chicago Conspiracy

    Hot Video with Chicago Conspiracy

    Aaron Sorkin’s recent film, The Trial of the Chicago 7, has revived interest in the historical events which took place in Chicago between 1968 and 1970.  During the entire trial between September 1969 and February 1970, seven of the eight defendants (Bobby Seale had been removed from the trial and left Chicago) gathered as a complete group only twice. The following video is a documentation of one of those two occurrences. R.G. Davis, founder of the San Francisco Mime Troupe, […]

  • Abbie Hoffman Makes Gefilte Fish

    Abbie Hoffman Makes Gefilte Fish

    On Christmas Eve in the Chelsea Hotel, social and political activist Abbie Hoffman prepares homemade gefilte fish from a family recipe. At the time, Hoffman had gone underground.

  • [Chicago Conspiracy Appeal press conference]

    [Chicago Conspiracy Appeal press conference]

    Bay Area Video Coalition remaster of raw 1/2″ portapak footage. The original tape appears to have been recorded over many times, so often a random image will insert itself in for a minute or so. The tape appears to have been in extremely terrible condition, so the images are always flashing or the are obscured by everything looking almost completely white.

  • [Abbie Hoffman raw #2]

    [Abbie Hoffman raw #2]

    This tape features the second part of an interview with activist Abbie Hoffman at the Chicago Amphitheater on the 20th anniversary of 1968 Democratic National Convention. In the tape, Hoffman briefly talks about his book “Steal This Urine Test.” Timecode onscreen.

  • [Tribute to Abbie Hoffman]

    [Tribute to Abbie Hoffman]

    0:00 Color bars. 0:07 Poster with Kiefer Sutherland and others. 0:34 George Carlin. Talks to Nancy Cain, in preparation for interview. 1:05 Carlin talks Abbie Hoffman’s greatest contribution. Carlin feels this was his use of humor, because he could get across important information to people who otherwise might not listen. 3:20 Carlin talks about when he first became aware of Hoffman. He was a comic on the folk circuit in the 1960s, and then got more famous and began appearing […]

  • [Tales of Hoffman “best” selects]

    [Tales of Hoffman “best” selects]

    0:09 Title: Background history. 0:12 John Schultz. “The ’68 convention is rightly seen as the central moment of the 60’s, the apex, the climax of the 60’s. It’s the one set of events in which all players and all parts and all movements of the 60s – cultural, social, political – they all come together. Like in these days in Chicago, the latter part of August 1968.” 0:37 John Schultz. “This was a time in which the country was divided, […]

  • Lord Of The Universe

    Lord Of The Universe

    This video is for personal/educational use only. More info at TVTVNow: //www.tvtvnow.com/

    Produced by video pioneers TVTV, this video won the prestigious Columbia-duPont award for documentaries. It explores the mystery of Guru Maharaj Ji, the sixteen-year-old leader of a cult-like new age group, the Divine Light Mission (DLM), known to his followers as “The Lord of the Universe.” The video investigates the Guru’s opulent living conditions and the secrecy surrounding his teachings, as well as portraying the dissolution of the 1960s counterculture towards the close of the Vietnam War. It chronicles a gathering of his followers at Houston’s Astrodome in 1974 as they wait for its promised levitation, and features interviews with devotee Rennie Davis and skeptic Abbie Hoffman.

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