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  • Young Lords Party: Puerto Rican Student Conference at Columbia University

    Young Lords Party: Puerto Rican Student Conference at Columbia University

    Interviews recorded at the Puerto Rican Student Conference at Columbia University, gathering together Latinx activists and organizers from around the country. Continue reading

  • [Landlord protest]

    [Landlord protest]

    Documentation of attempts to maintain a block in Uptown Chicago. Continue reading

  • Chicago Area Project  (C.A.P.) Gathering  in Woodstock, Illinois

    Chicago Area Project (C.A.P.) Gathering in Woodstock, Illinois

    This video is one of three and was recorded during a retreat in Woodstock, Illinois where the Chicago Area Project (C.A.P.), organised a weekend gathering to reflect on their past accomplishments and plan for the next year. Continue reading

  • [Pursuit of Happiness: Molly Rush]

    [Pursuit of Happiness: Molly Rush]

    Raw footage of an interview with activist Molly Rush for the video Pursuit of Happiness, produced and directed by Julie Gustafson and John Reilly.  Continue reading

  • [Casting the First Stone: Anti-abortion Demonstration]

    [Casting the First Stone: Anti-abortion Demonstration]

    Footage taken at an anti-abortion demonstration for the documentary Casting the First Stone, directed by Julie Gustafson. Includes an interview with Frances Sheehan and a press conference with Randall Terry. Continue reading

  • Paper Press

    Paper Press

    Documents the activities of a Chicago artist-run, non-profit organization fostering experimental hand papermaking and artists’ collaborations. Shows the process of making paper by hand. Includes interviews with co-directors Marilyn Sward, Linda Sorkin-Eisenberg and other artists. The videowas made in three versions: English, Spanish and American Sign Language. (note: Paper Press served as the proto-type for the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book &
    Paper Arts, established in 1993 with Marilyn Sward as its Director)
    Continue reading

  • La Maestra:  Maria Luisa Michel Almonte

    La Maestra: Maria Luisa Michel Almonte

    Maria Almonte immigrated from Mexico to Chicago’s Pilsen–Little Village neighborhood in 1950. An
    artist/teacher, she supported her family from her flower shop business and became a leader in the
    educational and cultural life of the community. She taught traditional arts, crafts, and practical skills

    like dress-making in settlement houses, in community workshops and in her own studio. At the age of
    70 she continued to teach and act on her belief that artistic expression is a powerful tool for
    developing cultural identity and individual self-esteem. The video shows Ms. Almonte in community-
    sponsored workshops teaching neighborhood residents how to make traditional cut-paper ornaments
    and how to design clothing. In the hall of a local church her students model their creations and receive
    recognition. Produced, directed and edited by Eleanor Boyer and Karen Peugh. Partially funded by
    the Illinois Arts Council and the Center for New Television with a Joyce Foundation grant.
    Gold Can Award, Chicago Access Corporation, 1986; Certificate of Merit, Chicago International
    Film Festival, 1984
    Continue reading

  • Turning a Corner

    Turning a Corner

    Turning a Corner tells the stories of people involved in the sex trade and their efforts to raise public awareness of systemic injustice and promote needed reforms. Created in a media activism workshop with over a dozen members of Prostitution Alternatives Round Table (PART), this groundbreaking film recounts their survival and triumph over homelessness, violence and discrimination, and gives rare insights into Chicago’s sex trade industry. The new version includes interview updates with many of the participants from the original film.

    Through Beyondmedia’s Women and Prison program, incarcerated women and girls, former prisoners and their families use media arts to voice their stories, promoting public dialogue, healing and community organizing. Since 1997, Beyondmedia has collaborated extensively with women and girls in prison and after their incarceration to create interdisciplinary, multimedia educational forums on women and prison. Continue reading

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