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  • Happy Birthday Bill Veeck, Renaissance Man

    Happy Birthday Bill Veeck, Renaissance Man

    This Sunday, February 9th, would be the 106th birthday of one of sports, Chicago’s and our personal heroes, Bill Veeck (1914-1986). The Media Burn Archive has close to 300 videos about and with the baseball Hall of Famer who owned baseball teams in Milwaukee, Cleveland, St. Louis and Chicago (twice).  But his life and wisdom went far beyond sports. He wrote five books, had his own radio and TV shows for 40 years and did thousands of speaking engagements. Like many […]

  • Bulls-Sox Underground Show

    Bulls-Sox Underground Show

    Interview with Jerry Reinsdorf.

  • Jimmy Piersall, 1929-2017

    Jimmy Piersall, 1929-2017

    Jimmy Piersall died last weekend.  He was 87.  He was a great outfielder, one of the best I ever saw.  But, the thing that made him so well-known is that he was “a character.” Once he ran around the bases backwards.  Once he threw a ball at the scoreboard. He was the first bipolar person (manic-depressive, then) in sports to be publicly labeled.  He did it himself by writing a remarkable book, Fear Strikes Out., which In 1957, became a […]

  • [Centerfield]


    A mock news report highlighting the win of the Arthur Anderson staff baseball team, the PM&S Premiers, over the AA&Co softball team.

  • Opening Day: Bill Veeck’s Signs of Spring

    Opening Day: Bill Veeck’s Signs of Spring

    “I have discovered in 20 years of moving around a ballpark that the knowledge of the game is usually in inverse proportion to the price of the seats.” —Bill Veeck It’s opening day at Wrigley Field and the Cubs will play the first game of their 100th season at Wrigley. To celebrate we have a video of legendary baseball owner Bill Veeck in the stands at Wrigley on opening day 1985. As a fan and an owner Bill Veeck offered a […]

  • Who was Bill Veeck’s greatest hero?

    Who was Bill Veeck’s greatest hero?

    BABE RUTH… Ask people to name five baseball players. Most will include “Babe Ruth,” even though his prime was 80 or 90 years ago and he died in 1948, 67 years ago this week. Many consider George Herman Ruth Jr. one of the greatest icons not only in baseball, but in all of American history. He was the most dominant player ever. In the 1922 season, he hit 54 home runs. No other player hit more than 19 and only […]

  • Mid-day report with Elizabeth Brackett, 5/27/1981

    Mid-day report with Elizabeth Brackett, 5/27/1981

    The Mid-day report with Elizabeth Brackett, which aired on May 27, 1981, covers the day’s news stories.

  • [Jonathan and Bruce Sutter]

    [Jonathan and Bruce Sutter]

    This is a short clip showing former Cubs player Bruce Sutter pitching a ball to a young boy.

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