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  • [Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini, Weinberg / Finerty edit]

    [Jane Byrne’s Easter at Cabrini, Weinberg / Finerty edit]

    Tom Weinberg and Tom Finerty’s edit of Jane Byrne’s Easter Celebration at Cabrini Green. Shot for “Ambassadors of Cabrini.” Footage of an Easter celebration held by Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne at Cabrini Green, where she was temporarily living at the time. The tape begins with Byrne trying to lead the crowd in religious songs. However, after a short period of footage of Byrne’s official program, the camera turns to a large group of protesters (presumably Cabrini Green residents) who are angry at Byrne for her policies towards African-Americans, shouting, “We need jobs, not eggs!” In a widely publicized PR stunt, Byrne had briefly taken up residence in Cabrini Green, the notorious housing project. The protesters are almost immediately beaten by the police and taken to jail. The remainder of the tape is the crew’s attempt to understand what happened and locate the jailed demonstrators. Continue reading

  • Image Union: The Other M.J.

    Image Union: The Other M.J.

    Documentary about an African American man named Michael Johnson, who works on the floor crew at United Center, the home of the Chicago Bulls. (The title refers to this connection between the subject and basketball star Michael Jordan.) Johnson struggles to make ends meet on a minimum wage job amidst the pomp and circumstance of the 1996 Democratic National Convention. Through his candid reflections, one sees the struggle of many workers across the country as they are faced with limited employment options, no benefits, and no room for advancement. Some of the original footage was used in a program called “None of the Above,” which investigated Americas non-voters. Continue reading

  • [None of the Above raw #25]

    [None of the Above raw #25]

    Raw footage for the documentary “None of the Above,” an in-depth ethnographic look at non voters in the U.S. This video is a continuation of footage with non voter Michael Johnson and his family in Chicago. Continue reading

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