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  • Fat Tuesday, Cajun style

    Fat Tuesday, Cajun style

    Although most people typically associate Mardi Gras with Bourbon Street and the French Quarter in New Orleans, there is another Mardi Gras tradition that has been practiced for generations in Louisiana’s Cajun Country. In 1975, video pioneers TVTV produced the documentary “The Good Times Are Killing Me” about the people they met in the towns of Basile, Mamou, and Eunice, Louisiana. The video documented the old culture and way of life, including the traditional Courir de Mardi Gras or “Mardi … Continue reading

  • The Good Times Are Killing Me (trailer)

    The Good Times Are Killing Me (trailer)

    Watch the full version of The Good Times Are Killing Me at TVTVNow: http://www.tvtvnow.com/

    Documentary about the rapidly fading Cajun culture in rural Louisiana. About half of the tape focuses on Nathan Abshire, “Mr. Accordion,” who performs traditional music with his band and talks about the old life. The other major focus of the tape is the celebration of Cajun Mardi Gras. Continue reading

  • Camnet, episode 701

    Camnet, episode 701

    A TV show that highlights tapes submitted by people across the country. Very similar to “The 90’s.” This episode has video from a rally for Ross Perot; artists in New York City; and Alligator Annie in Louisiana. Continue reading