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  • [Bears mania in Chicago 1986]

    [Bears mania in Chicago 1986]

    News report on the excitement and controversies in Chicago during the lead-up to the 1986 Superbowl. Continue reading

  • Atkins #3

    Atkins #3

    In this part of an interview with famed Defensive End Doug Atkins, more personal stories from his football playing days are discussed, along with examinations of his relationships with his teammates and coaches. He also reflects on his days with the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears, while reciting a few anecdotes that he posits have been embellished over the years. Continue reading

  • Atkins #4

    Atkins #4

    In this interview segment with Hall of Fame Defensive End Doug Atkins, Atkins combines stories from his playing days with his views on the current state of the NFL. Atkins also offers his thoughts and opinions on topics such as drug testing in professional sports, the ways in which the game has changed since he’s played, and the 1985 Chicago bears team. Continue reading

  • Atkins #5

    Atkins #5

    B-roll of the various awards Doug Atkins had won in his time as a professional football player. Atkins tells about how he was the first player to receive the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and discusses the politics of the game. Continue reading

  • [Once a Star raw: Bill Wade #2]

    [Once a Star raw: Bill Wade #2]

    Interview with former football player Bill Wade, the quarterback for the Bears’ 1963 Championship team. Wade, standing in a suit and tie across from his current place of work, comments on the 1985 Chicago Bears team and offers his thoughts on the philosophy of football, staying in shape, and his time on the Bears. Following the interview are clips from the Bears’ historic 1963 season. Shot for the documentary Once A Star. Continue reading

  • [George Halas interviewed by Jack Brickhouse]

    [George Halas interviewed by Jack Brickhouse]

    This video is a raw 1975 interview between Jack Brickhouse and George Halas, longtime owner and coach of the Chicago Bears and one of the creators of the National Football League. In the interview, Halas talks about the old days of the NFL, specifically about its roots and how it has evolved over the years. Halas also goes into great detail about his time spent with the Chicago Bears franchise. Continue reading

  • O’Bradovich #1

    O’Bradovich #1

    00:00 This video is of a brief interview with former Chicago Bears defensive end Ed O’Bradovich. 00:23 The tape opens with several takes of O’Bradovich throwing his helmet to two men in the stands, and them throwing it back to him. “It took twenty-two years and they say patience is a virtue.” 01:08 He starts by talking about winning the championship game with the Bears and throwing his helmet into the stands. He wanted to lob it, but it caught … Continue reading

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Sports Collectors Convention #2]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Sports Collectors Convention #2]

    More STONEY BURKE at the Sport’s Collector’s Convention…Stoney in the money blowing machine, BOB GIBSON, and baseball cards… Continue reading