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  • [WBBM 1978 guns/crime b-roll tape]

    [WBBM 1978 guns/crime b-roll tape]

    B-roll footage shot by WBBM between October and December 1978 to accompany these stories: Gambling Raids, Uptown Shooting, Gun Raid, Florida Silencers, and Jack Louis Bail Bonds Out. Followed by some of a Walter Cronkite report called “The Meat ‘Yellow Sheet.'” Continue reading

  • Right On: A Friend Remembers Fred Hampton

    Right On: A Friend Remembers Fred Hampton

    “Right On: A Friend Remembers Fred Hampton” [1989 |18 minutes] Veteran community activist Jorja English Palmer [1930-2005] talks of the events of 1948-1969 which led Fred Hampton to the leadership of the Illinois Black Panther Party and to his murder by Chicago police as part of the FBI’s secret counter intelligence program – COINTELPRO.

  • Newshour: Chicago Crime Drop

    Newshour: Chicago Crime Drop

    Brief news segment about the various ways Chicago has been successfully battling crime rates. Profiles of CPD Target Response Units, police cameras, Cease Fire, and Project Safe Neighborhoods. Continue reading

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