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  • Abortion: Right to Life vs Right to Choose Part 2

    Abortion: Right to Life vs Right to Choose Part 2

    Part Two of a live broadcast from WCET-TV in Cincinnati covering the anti-abortion movement after a national “Right to Life” rally was held in the city.

  • [Father Francis]

    [Father Francis]

    Footage of a Catholic mass delivered by Father Francis, who is celebrated his 57th year as a bishop.

  • Woodstock Community Video Magazine

    Woodstock Community Video Magazine

    A video magazine about the community in Woodstock, covering a police/fire dispatch office, a church fair, and a recycling drive.

  • [The King’s Daughters at the Shady Church Fair]

    [The King’s Daughters at the Shady Church Fair]

    00:26 An outdoor fair in a churchyard.  01:43 Videomaker Kathy Butterfield speaks with Hugh Martin, who grows his plants in a greenhouse. Customers ask Hugh about his flowers and rave to the camera about the plants.  04:05 An interview with Mrs. Martin about the church fair and about the King’s Daughters, which was founded to create brotherhood between all religions.  07:18 Conversation with two women who are members of the King’s Daughters in a nearby community. They detail the group’s […]

  • Mountain Ways

    Mountain Ways

    00:10 Onscreen text and logo for Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, KY, 41844. No sound.  00:39 An elderly man sitting in a rocking chair on his porch, reads the last will and testament of his great grandfather, John Sellars, who died in 1838.  02:58 Over a bluegrass fiddle soundtrack, images of a Kentucky valley.  03:30 Title Card: “Mountain Ways.” Additional onscreen text: “Historical Artifacts: Southwest Virginia Museum and Natural Tunnel State Park.”  03:48 Images of a forest, with a creek […]

  • The Fight Over Faith

    The Fight Over Faith

    CNN special reported by Carol Marin, covering conflicts within different factions of the evangelical Christian church.

  • Reverend Billy’s Peace Revival

    Reverend Billy’s Peace Revival

    Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping stage a lengthy peace revival filled with song, dance, and sermons raging against American consumerism.

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