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  • Synthesis: Processing and Collaboration

    Synthesis: Processing and Collaboration

    A look at the work of Chicago-based pioneers of image processing, Dan Sandin, Phil Morton, Tom DeFanti, and Jane Veeder, as well as sound processing by Mimi Shevitz and other works created by the Sandin Image Processor.

  • [Visualization Lab demo reel]

    This tape is a demo reel for a computer graphics company, CDI Computer Services. It features then cutting edge (1993), now rudimentary looking, computer animation produced for several automobile manufacturers, including Dodge, Cadillac, GM, and Ford. It also features some military animation of mobile rocket launchers firing missiles. The whole video is set to a jazzy, upbeat Kenny G.-type score. The missile being launched over the jazzy score unintentionally creates a creepy, albeit humorous, juxtaposition.

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