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  • Newshour: Chicago Crime Drop

    Newshour: Chicago Crime Drop

    Brief news segment about the various ways Chicago has been successfully battling crime rates. Profiles of CPD Target Response Units, police cameras, Cease Fire, and Project Safe Neighborhoods.

  • Narco


    This video contains a piece entitled “Narco,” an Emmy Award winning TV special about the daily life of Narcotics Officers while on the job. Produced in 1980, the show was used as the pilot for the series “Cops.”

  • The Battered Badge

    The Battered Badge

    TV program chronicling the stress and emotional problems that accompany police work in Chicago. Based on interviews with mostly unidentified current and former Chicago police officers. These officers recount some of the terrible occurrences and situations faced by them, and how they dealt with the emotional aftermath of these situations. Includes interviews, still photos, and current “ride along” footage. Hosted by Joel Daly.

  • Say So

    Raw footage from a test run of a show that eventually became the talk show “Say So.” This episode features four guests discussing the cultural and social divide that separates city dwellers from suburban residents. Guests include: John Rogers, an African-American investment banker and resident of Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood; Donna Blue Lachman, a playwright, director, actress and resident of Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood; Bill Sampson, a professor at Northwestern University, and African-American resident of Evanston; and Judy Markey, newspaper columnist/writer, and Wilmette resident. Guests delve into race, culture, economics, education, and attitudes about living in the city vs. living in the suburbs.

  • Say So

    Rough cut/crude edit of the talk show Say So, Test #6. Guests include Anne Keegan, Joe Cummings, and Lee Glazer. Topics include increasing homeless population; crime in the city; cost of education vs. cost of keeping someone in prison; changing the conditions that breed crime in housing projects; and lack of leaders/leadership in Chicago. Interspersed in the discussion are clips from movies, TV shows, and newsreels that highlight a particular point of discussion. Clips include: the John Belushi film Continental Divide, an un-credited documentary, and a 1955 newsreel featuring Mayor Richard J. Daley giving a speech about public housing. Quotes include:

  • Say So, episode 6

    Say So, episode 6

    Test for a show on Chicago news and events.

  • [Direct Effect 3]

    Politically correct PSAs.

  • Watch It!, episode 105-1

    Watch It!, episode 105-1

    A “video scrapbook” featuring camcorder footage from people around the world.

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