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  • Enjoy our new iPhone video tour of the forgotten corners of Comiskey and Wrigley Field

    Enjoy our new iPhone video tour of the forgotten corners of Comiskey and Wrigley Field

    Chicago baseball fans are traditionally loyal to either the Cubs or White Sox. It’s a classic North Side vs. South Side rivalry that has lasted more than a century. This year’s Crosstown series is just over a week away with the first game to be played at U.S. Cellular on Monday, July 25th. For the occasion we have created a Crosstown Classics tour with Vamonde. To view the tour: 1. On your iPhone, install Vamonde through the App Store (it’s free). […]

  • [Jonathan and Bruce Sutter]

    [Jonathan and Bruce Sutter]

    This is a short clip showing former Cubs player Bruce Sutter pitching a ball to a young boy.

  • [Bill Veeck off-air]

    [Bill Veeck off-air]

    Tape of various raw footage from the “Making it in Hollywood” documentary, Bill Veeck off-air, and WBBM news coverage. Veeck talks about a Chicago White Sox comeback and not getting enough media coverage for the Chicago White Sox.

  • Sports Century: Bill Veeck

    Sports Century: Bill Veeck

    A recording of the ESPN Classic program, “Sports Century.” This episode is a documentary about Bill Veeck, former owner of several baseball teams, including the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox. The documentary is mainly comprised of interviews with family, friends, and colleagues of Veeck, along with narration over still photos, period interviews, and newsreel footage.

  • Sox Hi-Lites Reel #2

    Sox Hi-Lites Reel #2

    A mostly silent collection of clips from the 1977 Chicago White Sox. Other baseball teams featured include the Angels, Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, and Tigers.

  • The Chicago Cubs: Summer of ’83

    The Chicago Cubs: Summer of ’83

    Highlights from the Chicago Cubs 1983 season – complete with dramatic slides into bases, heated brawls over plays and calls, and plays that will go down in Major League Baseball History!

  • [Once a Star raw: Bowie Kuhn in NYC #4]

    [Once a Star raw: Bowie Kuhn in NYC #4]

    This tape features the continuation of an interview with former Major League Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn (1926-2007), shot for the 1986 television special “Once A Star.”

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Women In Baseball Clinic #2]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Women In Baseball Clinic #2]

    WOMEN IN BASEBALL CLINIC at Comiskey Park. Interviews with staff and participants in a baseball clinic designed to encourage female involvement in baseball. White Sox 3rd base Coach demonstrates hand signs of previous season. Tips on batting from the batting Coach.

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