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  • Go Solo

    Go Solo

    This video shows a series of performances out of the Go Solo workshop that are in various stages of development. Most are straight acting pieces with a few bordering on stand-up comedy.

  • Image Union, episode 0311

    Image Union, episode 0311

    Image Union episode featuring “Hard Bargain” by Michael Pack. The episode ends with a fake commercial for “Vinyl-On.”

  • Image Union, episode 0409

    Image Union, episode 0409

    Two part Image Union episode featuring “The Sadness of a Cleaning Woman at Midnight” by Deborah Scholinski and Milo Yelesiyevich and “Time” by Daryl Moore.

  • Image Union, episode 0511

    Image Union, episode 0511

    Image Union episode featuring “Full of Grace” by Peter McCarthy. B&W film. A short drama about a woman whose life falls apart after her alcoholic brother drives a rift between her and her fianc√©.

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