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  • [School for the Developmentally Disabled]

    [School for the Developmentally Disabled]

    Educators work with children at a school for the developmentally disabled.

  • [Marching Band Contest / Audio Testing]

    [Marching Band Contest / Audio Testing]

    Footage of a marching band contest filmed by Broadside TV.

  • Desire


    Independent videomaker, Julie Gustafson, invites a diverse group of teenage girls from New Orleans to make autobiographical videos exploring their developing sexuality and identity. An unprecedented long-term collaboration, DESIRE weaves together the girls’ video work, the stories of their changing lives, as well as the family, social and economic contexts in which their desires and choices are shaped.

    The film begins in a primarily African-American housing project named ‘Desire’ and follows the lives of teenagers across diverse racial, political, class, and cultural backgrounds. Cassandra, Kimeca, Tracy, Peggy, and Tiffinie collaborate to tell their own stories of struggle and wrestling with questions of sexual identity, body image, family, future plans, and the pressures of finding one’s way in the world. As the film unfolds over the next five years, DESIRE honors each of the young women’s challenges and achievements, making clear that their ‘choices’ are linked not just to hopes and dreams, but to actual educational and economic opportunity– too often tinged with the racial disadvantage. In one remarkable scene, Kimeca, turns the camera on Gustafson, prompting her to share her own story of teenage pregnancy and the difficult decisions she made about abortion.

    As John Anderson from Variety said: “Top-flight editing and a pace that never falters help “Desire” movingly tell the stories of its five subjects.” Justin Lane Briggs of The New School concurs: “The films the girls make themselves are shockingly honest and revealing…The result is a poignant and moving work, which stirs up a massive cloud of thoughts and issues without ever settling on one side of them… Cassandra and Tiffanie will haunt your dreams.

  • [Self Defense Class – Nidhamu Sasa School]

    [Self Defense Class – Nidhamu Sasa School]

    Footage of a self defense class for children taught at Philadelphia’s Nidhamu Sasa School.

  • [T&T]


    A home movie of a classroom of young children playing.

  • Sun Foundation: Performing Arts Workshop / The Contemporary Approach to Raku

    Sun Foundation: Performing Arts Workshop / The Contemporary Approach to Raku

    Two short documentaries filmed at the Sun Foundation Art in the Woods workshops in summer 1978.

  • [VanGorder Walden School, Chicago]

    [VanGorder Walden School, Chicago]

    Chicago students at VanGorder Walden school talk about work and working.

  • [’63 Boycott raw: Timuel Black interview]

    [’63 Boycott raw: Timuel Black interview]

    Camera original footage shot for the documentary ’63 Boycott from Kartemquin Films. ’63 Boycott is a thirty-minute documentary and web project highlighting the stories of participants in the 1963 Chicago Public School (CPS) Boycott (also known as Freedom Day). One of the largest Civil Rights demonstrations in the city’s history, on October 22, 1963, a coalition of civil rights groups, local activists, and 250,000 students staged a mass boycott and demonstration against the Chicago Board of Education to protest racial segregation and inadequate resources for Black students. This interview features Timuel Black, a long-time Civil Rights activist, educator, and historian of African-American history. In the 1960s Black served as an adviser to Martin Luther King, Jr. and led the Chicago contingent to the 1963 March on Washington.

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