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  • Gun violence in Chicago: then as now

    Gun violence in Chicago: then as now

    Walking to school: usually a quick and unmemorable trip. That wasn’t the case for Dantrell Davis on the 13th of October in 1992. Just seven years old at the time, Davis was murdered by a bullet meant for a rival gang member, fired by Anthony Garrett. Just as in 1992, the senseless deaths of dozens of Chicagoans is once again at the top of newsreels. This July, 105 gun deaths occured in Chicago — more than double the total from […]

  • [Chicago Tonight: Petcoke]

    [Chicago Tonight: Petcoke]

    News segment concerning piles of petroleum coke along the Calumet River, and their effect on the health of surrounding residents.

  • [Elizabeth Brackett lecture]

    [Elizabeth Brackett lecture]

    A talk from Elizabeth Brackett detailing her career trajectory so far, and her research for her book on Rod Blagojevich.

  • Silver Circle Award for Elizabeth Brackett

    Silver Circle Award for Elizabeth Brackett

    Elizabeth Brackett’s acceptance speech for her Silver Circle Award in 2009, proceeded by a short reel of her life and work.

  • [Canadian Oil]

    [Canadian Oil]

    News profile of oil the US receives from Canada, including its economic benefits and environmental harm.

  • Newshour: Low Wage Jobs

    Newshour: Low Wage Jobs

    A news segment covering the low wage jobs that many women find themselves stuck in, and the fight to enact change. The report includes personal stories from women working low-income jobs, details on the Working Women for Change initiative, and counter arguments from business representatives about the feasibility of higher wages.

  • Newshour: Guantanamo detainees to go to Michigan?

    Newshour: Guantanamo detainees to go to Michigan?

    News story concerning the move of Guantanamo prisoners to a facility in Standish, MI. Includes interviews with citizens and town officials, as well as footage from a town meeting.

  • [Vanishing birds]

    [Vanishing birds]

    Short news segment about the disappearing prairies in Illinois and the species who inhabit them.

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