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  • [LVSC Youth Jobs Interviews]

    [LVSC Youth Jobs Interviews]

    High school students interview fellow young people about their jobs and their attempts to find jobs.

  • Lake View Schools Coalition: Youth Employment Service Part 1

    Lake View Schools Coalition: Youth Employment Service Part 1

    Discussion among teens and adults about the job prospects for young people.

  • Joann: My Sister The Mail Carrier

    Joann: My Sister The Mail Carrier

    A brief portrait of Joann Elam who delivers the mail in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. She talks about being a woman in a traditionally male job. She comments on responses from job supervisors and how she derives personal benefit from this kind of employment. Produced for the Chicago Video Makers’ Coalition program, SLICES OF CHICAGO, a show for broadcast consisting of small format “alternative” videos on subjects not normally seen on broadcast television.

  • Women Working: Pioneers in Carpentry

    Women Working: Pioneers in Carpentry

    Jobs in construction carpentry and cabinet making, and the good pay derived them, traditionally have been the domain of men. This video gives a first-hand look at carpentry apprenticeship as experienced by some of the first women to enter these trades in the 1970’s. The camera follows women carpenters at work on job sites including a high-rise under construction, a carpentry shop at a sewer project and in a production cabinet shop. They talk about the training they receive, the working conditions, the kinds of responses they get from male co-workers and the benefits derived from their support-group, Chicago Women Carpenters. Produced by Audrey Denecke for the Women’s Pre-Apprenticeship Project, Midwest Women’s Center, Chicago. Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Film Festival, 1981.

  • Hiring Line

    Hiring Line

    The video contains a 1972 pilot for “Hiring Line,” a show dedicated to making job listings available to the public. The show offers viewers the opportunity to call and inquire about the jobs, as well as presenting general consumer information. This is a black and white copy of the program.

  • [The 90’s raw: Japan – Woronoff, Igasaki]

    [The 90’s raw: Japan – Woronoff, Igasaki]

    Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90’s. Interview with Jon Woronoff (1938-) about Japan, and some of the negative sides to economic, social and political issues that aren’t usually talked about. Then an interview with Paul Igasaki, who mainly discusses the perspectives and concerns of Japanese Americans.

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