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  • Image Union, episode 0302

    Image Union, episode 0302

    Twp part Image Union episode featuring “30 Candles Burning” by Curtis Fisher and “Fistful of Death” by Motiaytis Van Pelt.

  • Image Union, episode 0806

    Image Union, episode 0806

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring the work of Paul Thornton, James Vincent Minnice, and Kirk von Heflin. Topics include war and militarization (Thornton), narrative fiction (Minnice), and documentary (von Heflin).

  • Image Union, episode 0305

    Image Union, episode 0305

    Compilation Image Union episode featuring “The Music of Erich Zann” by John Strysik, “Heavenly Bodies” by Karen Aqua, “Strata” by Lori Dresner, and a piece by Laugh Track.

  • Image Union, episode 0828

    Image Union, episode 0828

    A collection of International and North American winners from the 1985 U.S. Commercial Festival.

  • Image Union, episode 0021

    Image Union, episode 0021

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring “Street Show Auditions” by Drew Brown, Annette Barbier, Jerry Moyemont, and Jim Fahrenwald, “Rock Against Racism” by Jim Nitti and Jim Pasta, “Voices of the People” by Nancy Cruz, Sandra Ortiz, Mirko Popadic, Sandra Rogers, and Denise Zaccardi, and “Continued to Death” by Scott Jacobs, Tony Medici, and Mirko Popadic.

  • Image Union, episode 0910

    Image Union, episode 0910

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring five music videos by Dan Dinello. Music is from Fela Kuti, Knightklub, Magnum Force, Stations, and a composite of various radio broadcasts.

  • Image Union, episode 0027: Super 8’s

    Image Union, episode 0027: Super 8’s

    This compilation episode of Image Union features a mind-bending experimental video, a time lapse photography piece, a video tribute to Judy Roberts, and a short political documentary. Works include “…Living in the City” by Bill Chayes, “The Quickie” by Moving Memory Films, “Judy” by Rosalie Loewy, “Seamus” and “Octopus’ Garden” by Dean Kendrick and Chip Scoglio, and “Justice for Joe Torres” by Betsy Martins.

  • Image Union, episode 1009

    Image Union, episode 1009

    Two part episode of Image Union featuring “AIDS: Questions and Answers” by The Community TV Network and “America: A Cocaine Addicted Society” by Brian Soifer.

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