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  • Mystery Dates

    Mystery Dates

    From LeAnn Erickson: “In American society, what part does pop culture, religion, and family play in ‘teaching’ kids about gender roles? With tongue in cheek, and thorough interviews, and constructed ‘television’/media representations, Mystery Dates investigates how girls ‘become’ women.

  • 3/2/23: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: Lori Felker + Nancy Cain: Women’s Video Histories

    3/2/23: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: Lori Felker + Nancy Cain: Women’s Video Histories

    A screening/discussion of Nancy Cain’s foundational feminist classic Harriet (1973) and Lori Felker’s acclaimed Spontaneous (2020) with artist Felker and media scholar Melissa Dollman. 

  • Festival De Mujeres

    Festival De Mujeres

    Taped at the first-ever women’s street fair held in Pilsen, a predominantly Latinx, working-class neighborhood in Chicago. The event was organized by Mujeres Latinas in Accion to showcase Latinx women’s culture and to provide information about social services, health services and recreational opportunities available for women. The video captures the activity and color of the fair and features readings by poets Salima Rivera and Marta Callazo. Comments by organizers, participants and local residents give insight into the role of Latinx women in society at that time. Produced, videotaped, and edited by Eleanor Boyer and Karen Peugh with a grant from the Illinois Arts Council.

  • Harriet – King Cotton – Pelicans

    Harriet – King Cotton – Pelicans

    This tape consists of three short videos: “Harriet” by Nancy Cain, and “King Cotton” and “Pelicans” by Rita Ogden.

  • Women in the Arts

    Women in the Arts

    This tape features footage of a meeting of a collective representing the first female-owned art gallery in Chicago. The Artist’s Residence of Chicago is a group comprised of all female artists with the goal of highlighting women’s art in a male dominated field.

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