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  • [Toni Morrison 3]

    [Toni Morrison 3]

    An interview with author Toni Morrison in 1979 about her life, work, and philosophy.

  • [Chicago Slices raw: female pilot #1 – Slices billboard cutaways]

    [Chicago Slices raw: female pilot #1 – Slices billboard cutaways]

    CATHY RUMSEY, copilot for United Airlines, talks about being a female pilot while sitting in the cockpit of an United plane and as she leaves O’Hare Airport. Con’t on 132. SLICES BILLBOARD cutaways.

  • Person to Person

    Person to Person

    Edward R. Murrow on “Person to Person” interviews Bill and Mary Frances Veeck. About half the time questions are directed towards Mary Frances. Topics include baseball, showmanship, Veeck’s wardrobe, domestic life, and non-conformity.

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Female Impersonator]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Female Impersonator]

    Female impersonator John “Jyneen” Simms. Simms leads a dual life as a construction worker and as a stripper. He is male, but has artificial breast implants and dresses up as a woman for private parties. “It started out as a joke about five years ago and now I spend more time with a dress on than pants. I do all private parties. I’m not gay, believe it or not. This is business and that’s how I attack it, strictly business and it’s not really a lifestyle. If I’m out working, I’m not really running around with a dress on. Although sometimes it’s easier…I could almost be a real life Tootsie, although I think I carried it a little further with the boob job…I’m a guy. The bottom plumbing works, but I make my living wearing a dress.”

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