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  • [Communications for Change on Channel 2 news]

    [Communications for Change on Channel 2 news]

    Off air channel 2 news report featuring segments profiling the Documenting Social History oral history videotape project of Communications for Change, including an interview with C for C’s founder/director, Tedwilliam Theodore. Continue reading

  • Boris Ross #2

    Boris Ross #2

    Shot for Communications for Change’s “Documenting Social History: Chicago’s Elderly Speak” oral history series. This is the second part of an interview with Boris Ross, a Russian immigrant to Chicago who was heavily involved in the labor movement. Continue reading

  • Charles Velsek discusses the IWW

    Charles Velsek discusses the IWW

    Shot for Communications for Change’s “Documenting Social History: Chicago’s Elderly Speak” oral history series. Charles Velsek, a member of the IWW, talks about his experiences as a radical union member in the 1920s and throughout the Great Depression. Continue reading

  • [Busia & Cioc raw #2]

    [Busia & Cioc raw #2]

    This tape contains raw footage for “Busia and Cioc” by Valjean McLenighan. McLenighan visits two of her elderly relatives in their apartment and interviews them about their experiences as Polish immigrants to Chicago near the turn of the century. The close-knit encounter of four women in the kitchen leads to an intimate discussion of the immigrant experience and the myth of the American Dream. Continue reading

  • Herbert Hoover: An American Adventure.

    A PBS documentary about Herbert Hoover. It begins with his early Quaker childhood in Iowa, and follows his career as a mining engineer in Australia and China. It continues through WW I, as Hoover moves into public service, heading the food relief operations in Europe, where he became known as “The Great Humanitarian.” It follows his 1928 Election as president, and his tumultuous time in office after the 1929 stock market crash, and during the great depression. It concludes on Hoover’s resumption of a humanitarian role as he, again, heads food relief in Europe following WW II. The story is told using narration over vintage footage and still photos. Continue reading

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