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  • [Feedback footage]

    [Feedback footage]

    Footage filmed off a TV monitor as the videomakers adjust camera settings to achieve abstract visual patterns. Offscreen direction and commentary as they experiment.

  • Decca Dance

    Decca Dance

    An experimental work combining live footage of dancers, video effects and distortions, and abstract patterns created through video manipulations.

  • [Image processing footage]

    [Image processing footage]

    Abstract imagery created by manipulating video cameras, filming off monitors, while a band plays music. Filmed in a TV studio. People dance and make faces and goof around for the cameras, watching their images on monitors.

  • Runner, Feedback, Runner

    Runner, Feedback, Runner

    00:04 Title superimposed over footage of long distance runners. Ramsey Lewis’s song “Sun Goddess” plays.   00:19 Footage of runners with image processing/visual effects.  07:28 Increasingly abstract visual effects. 11:01 End credits: “This videotape was conceived, filmed, and edited by Charles Ford. the end.” 11:18 Title card: Abstract 287. Abstract visual effects achieved through image processing and superimposition. Set to the song “Y Sharp” by Osbisa.  19:03 End credits: “This videotape was conceived, filmed, and edited by Charles Ford. the end.” […]

  • [Image processing footage]

    [Image processing footage]

    Footage of image processing and other video effects.

  • Fractal I / Fractal II

    Fractal I / Fractal II

    Abstract computer animations in which complex patterns form from the gradual build-up of colorful pixels. Also known as “Fractile I” and “Fractile II.”

  • [Image Processing footage: Stairs, Worms]

    [Image Processing footage: Stairs, Worms]

    Image processing experiments applying different techniques to manipulate and distort video footage.

  • Video Vitae

    Video Vitae

    “This piece, executed on a hybrid computer developed by the Computer Image Corp., is an impressionistic view of a woman in conflict.” An image processing work that abstracts images of a woman. Premiered at the Women’s Video Festival in 1975.

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