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  • [Phone interview with Aiham Alsammarae]

    [Phone interview with Aiham Alsammarae]

    Elizabeth Brackett interviews Aiham Alsammarae over the phone about his conviction and jail time in Iraq. Audio only.

  • Newshour: Illinois National Guard Deaths

    Newshour: Illinois National Guard Deaths

    A look at the 1544th Army National Guard unit out of Paris, IL. Community members talk about the losses suffered and their support for the troops.

  • Newshour: Alsammarae profile

    Newshour: Alsammarae profile

    Aiham Alsammarae discusses his job as the Minister of Electricity in Iraq and what it means for the country. He also shares the numerous difficulties and safety issues he faces while working in Iraq.

  • [Ryan Beaupre funeral]

    [Ryan Beaupre funeral]

    A brief segment expressing the love and support shown following Ryan Beaupre’s death in the Iraq War, and an overview of his outstanding character and childhood in St. Anne, IL.

  • The 90s

    The 90s

    Kennebunkport Church incident. On Sunday February 17, 1991, antiwar demonstrator John Schuchardt traveled to the church of President George H.W. Bush in Kennebunkport, Maine, to speak out against the Iraq War. This video also contains raw footage of kids recording “The 90s” tagline and an interview with a man running a Chicago scholarship program.

  • [The 90’s People compilation]

    Compilation of clips from The 90’s People segments.

  • A few 90’s people

    A few 90’s people

    Various segments with people featured on The 90’s. Robert Demella talks about being a cab driver in New York City. Ruth Handler, creator of the Barbie doll, talks about how she got into the business of prosthetic breasts and her business “Nearly Me.” “On Our Land,” about Appalachians struggling against mining corporations trying to take their land. Erika Becker talks about having Cerebral Palsy. John Parker distributes drug needles to addicts in a controversial effort to prevent the spread of disease. Andrew Jones documents the Iraq human peace camp.

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