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  • Newshour: Iraq Electricity Update

    Newshour: Iraq Electricity Update

    Includes two news segments: “Iraq Electricity Update” and “Alsammarae May Update”. Touches upon the ongoing struggles for electricity in Iraq.

  • [Aiham Alsammarae reel]

    [Aiham Alsammarae reel]

    A collection of unfinished news clips covering Aiham Alsammarae and the Iraqi conflict. Includes some unnamed segments, “Chicago Iraqis”, “Alsammarae Profile”, “Iraq Electricity Update”, and “Alsammarae May Update”, as well as a segment from Chicago Tonight and camera original footage from an interview about Alsammarae’s return.

  • [Aiham Alsammarae returns to U.S.]

    [Aiham Alsammarae returns to U.S.]

    Brief news clip summarizing Aiham Alsammarae’s conviction and time in an Iraqi prision, his escape, and his thoughts on the unrest in Iraq.

  • [Interview with Aiham Alsammarae]

    [Interview with Aiham Alsammarae]

    Camera original footage of Elizabeth Brackett interviewing Aiham Alsammarae.

  • Newshour: Alsammarae profile

    Newshour: Alsammarae profile

    Aiham Alsammarae discusses his job as the Minister of Electricity in Iraq and what it means for the country. He also shares the numerous difficulties and safety issues he faces while working in Iraq.

  • War Goes Prime Time #1

    War Goes Prime Time #1

    A compilation of various news broadcasts from the night of January 16, 1991, the night the U.S. launched “Operation Desert Storm” against Iraq. Footage includes President George H.W. Bush’s address to the nation. Also, each network has several correspondents reporting from various U.S. and Middle Eastern Locations, including Baghdad. Most of this footage, although repetitive, is quite compelling. There are, however, some moments of complete absurdity when the reporters have nothing new to report.

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