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  • [Coverage of Carol Marin leaving WMAQ-TV]

    Composite of reports on Carol Marin’s decision to leave her anchor position at WMAQ-TV Chicago in response to the addition of Jerry Springer to the evening news team. Continue reading

  • [Jerry Springer city council 1999? (wild audio)]

    [Jerry Springer city council 1999? (wild audio)]

    0:05 Camera opens on a crowd on the street chanting for Jerry Springer. The camera man talks to one of the people walking who works security for the show. 2:56 Cut to Jerry Springer talking to a group of reporters. They ask about his reputation and critics. He walks through a crowd that applauds him. As he walks, people ask him questions about the city council meeting. He goes into the room for the council meeting. Footage of people waiting … Continue reading

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