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  • Thunder and Reins

    Thunder and Reins

    What does it take to be a Kentucky Derby winning jockey? From zero to 35 mph in a matter of seconds! Experience the strength, stamina, and courage it takes as each jockey guides you through wining the Kentucky Derby aboard a Thoroughbred racehorse full of heart. Seven world-class jockeys relive the most thrilling ride of their lives, describing how they use their entire bodies and the power of the reins to become champions in their finest hour. Seasoned racing writers Joe Drape and Billy Reed explain the complexities of a jockey’s job–the cunning and foresight that make Kentucky Derby jockeys some of the toughest, most competitive athletes in all of sports. Jockeys’ wives Rita Santos and Sheila Day share what it means to live with horse racing’s constant dangers and monumental successes. Trainers John Ward, Carl Nafzger, and John Sadler explain how they choose a jockey with the intelligence and skill needed to bring their Thoroughbred first under the wire at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May.

  • Robyn Smith #1

    Robyn Smith #1

    An interview with Robyn Smith, the famed jockey. As the one of the first females to race horses professionally, she touches on her jockeying career and the struggles she had encountered throughout it. Smith also discusses her passion for riding, the debate over whether it is the jockey or the horse that wins the race, and the politics and biases of the horse racing world.

  • Robyn Smith #2

    Robyn Smith #2

    Another part of an interview with legendary jockey Robyn Smith. With more personal stories about her own life and career, she delves deeper into the sport of horse racing, discussing the reasons why she always felt she was a natural fit to be a jockey. Smith also reflects on her past and childhood, as well as her friendships with male jockeys and the complex nature of the horse racing world in general.

  • [Bill Veeck at O’Leary’s #8]

    [Bill Veeck at O’Leary’s #8]

    Raw footage of Bill Veeck at O’Leary’s for Bill Veeck’s Saloon. It is mostly running commentary about a basketball game, watching TV, and several takes of Veeck discussing “peripatetic” coaches, Lou Saban, and jockeys.

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