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  • [CamNet Nancy Cain & Judith Binder on Independent Eye (KCET)]

    [CamNet Nancy Cain & Judith Binder on Independent Eye (KCET)]

    A brief interview with Judith Binder and Nancy Cain about CamNet for public television station KCET.

  • [90’s West: Getting Older]

    90’s West: Getting Older. Now I am Six (Christo’s Umbrellas) (Jay April, 4:08), Interview with Sam Shaffer (Judith Binder, 6:00), Bruhs & Gean, A Love Story (Esti Marpet, 5:18), Meg Carey Colors Her Hair (Tobe Carey, 2:30), Linda Burnham Goes Grey (Esti Galili Marpet, 2:21), he Phantom of North Park Place (Nancy Cain, 7:30)

  • [Dub of Nancy’s Master Show #213]

    Short documentary segments by Nancy Cain, primarily broadcast as part of The 90s¬†Episode #213. Other segments were broadcast on CamNet. It includes: interviews with social worker Kit Sibert about personal fulfillment; “Mountain Biker,” in which cyclist Greg Hodal pedals uphill; interviews with people on the street about happiness; “Barnaby the Clown,” a portrait of a contemporary clown at home; “Baseball City,” in which Jody Procter talks about Americans’ obsession with baseball; “The King and Di” [“Diane and the King”] by […]

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