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  • Searching for the Mountaintop

    Searching for the Mountaintop

    The power of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life—his clarion oratory skill, his burning prophetic demand for racial and economic justice—tremors through the consciousness of our society today. Yet the urgency of his message and radical call to action, it could be said, proved not just from the transformative clarity of his vision but in the way this vision defied the proximity of death’s shadow. “Each morning as I brush my teeth and wash my face,” King would say, according […]

  • [Louis Farrakhan / Ernest Withers]

    [Louis Farrakhan / Ernest Withers]

    Camera original footage shot by Bill Stamets. The first half of the tape is a speaking engagement by Louis Farrakhan at a church in Chicago. The second half features a gallery tour of an exhibition of civil rights photography by Ernest Withers, including an interview with Mamie Till about Withers’ impact on her son’s case.

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