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  • Michael Johnson Epilogue

    Michael Johnson Epilogue

    3 years after the documentary about him (“The Other M.J.”), Michael Johnson is interviewed in front of United Center about how his life has changed.

  • “This is what makes documentary so great”

    “This is what makes documentary so great”

    None of this would be possible without your support. Please donate today. This summer, many of you joined us at South Side Community Art Center, where we reunited documentary subject Michael Johnson with producer Tom Weinberg, 17 years after they first met at the United Center. It was an incredible opportunity to screen and discuss “The Other M.J.” (1999), produced with Skip Blumberg, a sensitive and insightful look at the difficult realities of getting by in America. Here’s what they […]

  • Image Union: The Other M.J.

    Image Union: The Other M.J.

    Documentary about an African American man named Michael Johnson, who works on the floor crew at United Center, the home of the Chicago Bulls. (The title refers to this connection between the subject and basketball star Michael Jordan.) Johnson struggles to make ends meet on a minimum wage job amidst the pomp and circumstance of the 1996 Democratic National Convention. Through his candid reflections, one sees the struggle of many workers across the country as they are faced with limited employment options, no benefits, and no room for advancement. Some of the original footage was used in a program called “None of the Above,” which investigated Americas non-voters.

  • [The Other M.J. rough cut]

    A member of the floor crew at Chicago’s United Center talks about his life in Chicago.

  • [The Other M.J. Pulls 33]

    Rough cut of “The Other M.J.”

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