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  • In Your Interest: Mike Gray

    In Your Interest: Mike Gray

    Author and documentary filmmaker Mike Gray speaks at a public forum in Bloomington Indiana entitled “The Hidden Casualties of the War on Drugs,” recorded on a program called “In Your Interest” on WIPX Channel 63, Trafalgar, IN. He touches upon topics brought up in his book “Drug Crazy.”

  • Mike Gray (1935-2013)

    Mike Gray (1935-2013)

    We’re sad to report the passing of a close friend and pioneering documentarian. Mike Gray was brilliant…a journalist, novelist, screenwriter, and filmmaker, steadfast in his beliefs and and absolutely creative every day of his life. H. Michael Gray was born in Darlington, a small town in Indiana. He received an engineering degree from Purdue University, and came to Chicago in the early 1960s. He had lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1973. He was the co-founder of the Chicago-Based […]

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