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  • Bloody Bess, Part III

    Bloody Bess, Part III

    This tape features footage from a 1974 performance of “Bloody Bess,” produced by the Organic Theater Company in Chicago and performed at the Uptown Center Hull House Theater. The play was conceived by Stuart Gordon and written by William J. Norris and John Ostrander. It tells the story of Elizabeth Presberty, daughter of the Governor of the island of Tobago. After being taken prisoner by a group of pirates, she returns home to face betrayal and the murder of her family members. She eventually transforms herself into Bloody Bess, a rugged pirate captain out to bring those who have done her wrong to justice.

  • Image Union, episode 0313

    Image Union, episode 0313

    Two part Image Union episode featuring “The Cleansing” by John Davies and John Petrakis and “Giving Way” by Gaylon Emerzian.

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