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  • [Hurricane Rita evacuation]

    [Hurricane Rita evacuation]

    Two PBS Newshour segments concerning Hurricane Rita. The first covers the evacuation plans and their issues around Houston, TX. The second looks at the rebuilding of Bridge City, TX. Continue reading

  • [Report: First trip home after Hurricane Katrina]

    [Report: First trip home after Hurricane Katrina]

    Two news hour segments concerning the effects of Hurricane Katrina. The first is a look at the experience of returning to the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina through the Chapoton family. The second illustrates the struggles faced by Baton Rouge, LA and its residents. Continue reading

  • [Hurricane Katrina refugees]

    [Hurricane Katrina refugees]

    Brief news segment about the struggles of Hurricane Katrina refugees in Jefferson Parish. Highlights the lack of food and medical care. Continue reading