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  • Nuclear Newsreel

    Nuclear Newsreel

    An independently produced international news report featuring coverage of popular protest and civil disobedience in response to the nuclear arms race.

  • The Trial of the Avco Plowshares

    The Trial of the Avco Plowshares

    In July 1983, seven United States citizens entered AVCO Systems Division, a manufacturing plant for MX and Pershing II missiles in Wilmington, Massachusetts. They threw blood on blueprints and computers to protest the buildup of nuclear arms. AVCO PLOWSHARES documents the ensuring trial, which includes dramatic testimony on civil disobedience and the question if a greater moral imperative exists beyond the letter of the law. Acting on their own behalf, the defendants argued “the justification defense” to claim their duty as citizens to warn of impending nuclear threats. Jean Hollady, a nurse and mother of four, asks those in the courtroom to picture the threat of one MX missile, containing ten warheads, representing “the equivalent of 260 Hiroshimas.” Frank Panopoulos, an anti-poverty worker, explains, “we were there so these weapons will not be made.” John Schuchardt, a former Marine and an attorney, ask the jury, “in light of weapons with the (equivalent power) of 335,000 pickup trucks full of TNT… please tell me what I could have done.” Expert witnesses and commentators from retired Rear Admiral Gene LaRocque, Daniel Berrigan, and George Wald concur that because of anti-Soviet weapons in Europe, nuclear war could be “eight minutes away.” Howard Zinn says in defense, “creative, inventive, dedicated action is needed by Americans in this courtroom and everywhere else to prevent that risk to the world.”

    Despite permission to film this trial for broadcast, the presiding judge, Edward M. Viola, restricted distribution to educational venues after screening the work-in-progress.

  • Image Union, episode 0337

    Image Union, episode 0337

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring “Effects of TV” by Bob Mickens, “The North Loop Redevelopment Follies” by The Visual Production Seminar of Columbia College, “Video and the Detectives” by Declan Quinn and Harriet Gordon, and “This is Real” by Michael D. Cook.

  • Image Union, episode 0419

    Image Union, episode 0419

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring work by Jeff Lint and the Chicago Filmmakers. Segments include “Duck,” “Imperialist Overture,” “Flowchart,” and “Defense for Atomic Attack.”

  • Image Union, episode 0420: Pandemonium

    Image Union, episode 0420: Pandemonium

    Episode of Image Union featuring the work “Pandemonium” by Frank Garvey. Color video. An eerie experimental short set in the decaying industrial ruins of Chicago.

  • Image Union, episode 0210

    Image Union, episode 0210

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring “Defense for Atomic Attack” by Allen Ross of Chicago Filmmakers, clips from “Media Burn” by Ant Farm, and “The Pope’s Visit” by Joseph McGarry.

  • [Civil Defense films]

    [Civil Defense films]

    Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. A series of Civil Defense Fund Films, all dealing with atomic energy and atomic attacks.

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