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  • [Canadian Oil]

    [Canadian Oil]

    News profile of oil the US receives from Canada, including its economic benefits and environmental harm.

  • War Goes Prime Time #1

    War Goes Prime Time #1

    A compilation of various news broadcasts from the night of January 16, 1991, the night the U.S. launched “Operation Desert Storm” against Iraq. Footage includes President George H.W. Bush’s address to the nation. Also, each network has several correspondents reporting from various U.S. and Middle Eastern Locations, including Baghdad. Most of this footage, although repetitive, is quite compelling. There are, however, some moments of complete absurdity when the reporters have nothing new to report.

  • TV News: Puerto Rican Nationalists in Chicago

    TV News: Puerto Rican Nationalists in Chicago

    A compilation of news reports from 1979, including President Carter addressing the energy crisis, Pope John Paul II’s visit to Chicago, and the release of four Puerto Rican Nationalists who were granted clemency by President Carter.

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