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  • [Crime Tour – tape 2]

    [Crime Tour – tape 2]

    0:01 Ed Paschke stands before an apartment building in a residential neighborhood, and tells the story of a robbery and murder that had occurred within recently. The cameraman wanders through the grounds of the apartment complex as Paschke continues to speak in the background. He mentions the scene of Richard Speck’s crimes in Calumet Harbor. 2:46 Paschke sits in the passenger seat of a car, which shortly pulls away from the previous location. He and Ceaser discuss the video editing […]

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  • Crime Tour – tape 1

    Crime Tour – tape 1

    0:32 Near a train station, Ed Paschke emerges from the front door of a building and onto the sidewalk. 1:12 Sitting in the passenger seat of a car, Paschke directs the driver. He indicates some points of interest, and then tells the story of a police surveillance team, housed in a nearby high school, attempting to arrest some street drug dealers, the result of which was a policeman shot and killed in the ensuing struggle.  4:00 A cut to Paschke, […]

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