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  • Court Day at Mt. Sterling

    Court Day at Mt. Sterling

    In Mt. Sterling, KY, “Court Day” takes place the third Monday of October, bringing together tens of thousands of people to buy and sell goods.

  • Appalachian Perspective

    Appalachian Perspective

    Citizens, activists, and business representatives discuss the practice of strip mining for coal in rural Appalachia.

  • Mountain Ways

    Mountain Ways

    00:10 Onscreen text and logo for Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, KY, 41844. No sound.  00:39 An elderly man sitting in a rocking chair on his porch, reads the last will and testament of his great grandfather, John Sellars, who died in 1838.  02:58 Over a bluegrass fiddle soundtrack, images of a Kentucky valley.  03:30 Title Card: “Mountain Ways.” Additional onscreen text: “Historical Artifacts: Southwest Virginia Museum and Natural Tunnel State Park.”  03:48 Images of a forest, with a creek […]

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