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  • [Buckminster Fuller interview, 1980]

    [Buckminster Fuller interview, 1980]

    Buckminster Fuller interviewed by Phil Ranstrom on May 2, 1980. This footage was produced for Southern Illinois University’s Student Programming Council, in conjunction with a lecture Fuller was to give there.

  • Frankie Knuckles brought a Chicago sound to the world

    Frankie Knuckles brought a Chicago sound to the world

    A pioneering legend of Chicago house music has died. Here’s a short excerpt from Greg Kot’s excellent obituary in the Chicago Tribune: Frankie Knuckles, who died Monday at age 59 in Chicago, was not just the “godfather” of Chicago house music. He was a pioneer in the way he cultivated a culture, a sound and a community around dance music that decades later encompasses the world. Now DJs such as Skrillex, Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Afrojack can fill stadiums internationally as […]

  • Farmers protest at the Chicago Board of Trade

    Farmers protest at the Chicago Board of Trade

    It’s not obvious from the outside, but the videotapes sitting in your closets, attic, and basement are quietly deteriorating inside their cassettes. The time when programs shot on 1/2″, U-matic, and Hi-8mm are totally unrecoverable is coming much sooner than you’d probably expect. Every day, Media Burn works against the clock to restore and transfer the diverse body of work created on videotape so that these programs can live on and be seen by people around the world. We recently […]

  • Tom Waits 1979

    Tom Waits 1979

    “Never sleep with a girl named Ruby, never play pool with a guy named Fats.” Hear this and more advice from Tom Waits in this 1979 video shot by Chicago-based filmmaker Phil Ranstrom in Carbondale, IL. Watch the full 23-minute program at Media Burn.

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