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  • For Beauty Passed Away

    For Beauty Passed Away

    A Channel 5 news special about facially disfigured people, reported by Carol Marin.

  • [Dangers of silicone breast implants]

    [Dangers of silicone breast implants]

    This news segment reports on the possible dangers of silicone gel breast implants. Many women insist that the implants caused their health problems, while others, including plastic surgeons, insist that the benefits outweigh the risks.

  • Utopia Cafe, Episode 2: Self Image

    This episode of the Canadian show Utopia Café examines self-image and different forms of image modification; including different clothing styles, plastic surgery, tattooing, and skin branding. The show seems to copy the quick-cut MTV style of editing.

  • Dr. Lotter #3

    Dr. Lotter #3

    Raw tape.

  • Dr. Lotter #1

    Dr. Lotter #1

    Raw tape for documentary about a Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Lotter. Walk-through and talk.

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