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  • Everybody In, Nobody Out (Excerpts)

    Everybody In, Nobody Out (Excerpts)

    Excerpts from “Everybody In, Nobody Out,” a short film produced in 2003 by Health & Medicine Policy Research Group on the occasion of Quentin Young’s 80th birthday.
    To learn more about Health & Medicine’s current work, visit: www.hmprg.org

  • Revisiting the Scene: Quentin Young’s Chicago

    Revisiting the Scene: Quentin Young’s Chicago

    Quentin Young, a notable Chicago physician and activist, visits various Chicago sites important to his personal history of political activism, providing the context for each site as he does so. Throughout the course of the video, Young visits Valois Restaurant in Hyde Park, the site of the 1937 Memorial Day massacre, Bughouse Square, 1515 S Hamlin, the John Alexander Logan Monument, Federal Plaza, Cook County Hospital, Michael Reese Medical Center, and Daley Plaza.

  • [Quentin Young tape #3]

    [Quentin Young tape #3]

    Dr. Quentin Young at the house which Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived in Chicago in the 1960s, as well as Cook County Hospital, speaking on the Chicago healthcare system and the need for national health insurance.

  • [Quentin Young tape #2]

    [Quentin Young tape #2]

    In a film in which the audio and video are out of sync due to playback-speed disparities, we hear from Dr. Quentin Young about some of the historical challenges that have faced the Chicago healthcare system, as well as a 1937 steel workers dispute that ended with 10 protestors dead.

  • [Quentin Young tape #1]

    [Quentin Young tape #1]

    Dr. Quentin Young, of the Medical Committee for Human Rights, describes the events surrounding the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, especially focusing on the violence that injured some 1100 people. He delivers his narration from Grant Park, Federal Building, Daley Plaza, and Bughouse Square.

  • Remembering Studs

    Remembering Studs

    Studs Terkel died three years ago yesterday, on October 31, 2008. In January 2009, about 200 of Studs’ close friends came to the Chicago Cultural Center to tell their favorite Studs stories and jokes and to remember his life and work. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?amp;v=FOv_mjlL9jw]   Two Studs Terkel classics are now on DVD: It’s a Living (1974), the documentary based on Working, and Studs on a Soapbox (2000), a look at the feisty raconteur over several decades. The trailers are below […]

  • [Friends of WFMT meeting]

    [Friends of WFMT meeting]

    “Friends of WFMT” meeting featuring Thomas Geoghegan, Leon Despres, and Studs Terkel, among others, including Susan Lipman of WFMT. Meeting focuses on informing supporters about the history of the station and impending changes to the structure of its management. Studs talks at around thirty-five minutes about the challenges facing the station’s long term survival.

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