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  • B96, TJ, Wild Bill #1

    B96, TJ, Wild Bill #1

    B96 Radio gives away concert tickets to the people brave enough to drink the disgusting milkshakes that they make. Continue reading

  • Mancow #1

    Mancow #1

    Part of the Radio Faces camera crew goes with Turd, an associate of Mancow, to an off-site event sponsored by Mancow’s Morning Madhouse. Continue reading

  • Overnight Man

    Overnight Man

    Portrait of WBBM/Chicago radio news man Joe Cummings. We follow him out on the streets getting stories, in the studio reading broadcasts, and talking about his love for Chicago. Continue reading

  • [Joe Cummings Wednesday night #2]

    [Joe Cummings Wednesday night #2]

    Raw tape from the 1978 documentary “Overnight Man,” which follows WBBM/Chicago radio news man Joe Cummings. Mostly outdoor (i.e. black) b-roll, although there is an interesting segment with the camera following Cummings into the Cook County Hospital and getting kicked out. Good footage of Chicago police in the 70’s, when the detectives still looked like they came straight out of a film noir. Also includes a shot of Miller’s Pub at night. Continue reading

  • Larry Wert #2

    Larry Wert #2

    A continuation of an interview of Larry Wert, the general manager of several Chicago radio stations, by Tom Weinberg and Patrick Creadon. Continue reading

  • Mancow #2

    Mancow #2

    This is a continuation of a broadcast of the Rock 103.5 Mancow’s Morning Madhouse started in a previous tape. Continue reading

  • Mancow #2

    Mancow #2

    Turd, an associate of Mancow from Mancow’s Morning Madhouse, organizes a game of pick-up football using a pig’s head instead of a football as a promotional for the show. This was shot for the TV show Radio Faces. Continue reading

  • Radio Faces #1

    Radio Faces #1

    A program following several Chicago radio personalities and examining the business of radio in Chicago. The program contains footage of the personalities at work (both on the air and off the air) and follows some of them during their time outside of work. Other people interviewed include various station managers and executives and Chicago radio critic, Robert Feder. Some personalities featured include: WGN ‘s Bob Collins, WGCI’s Tom Joyner, WBEZ’s Dick Buckley, WXRT’s Terry Hemmert, WLUP’s Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Kevin Matthews, and Jonathon Brandmeier. Continue reading