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  • [Once a Star : Robyn Smith, Celebrity Billiards 1968]

    [Once a Star : Robyn Smith, Celebrity Billiards 1968]

    This tape contains archival footage for the 1986 television special “Once A Star.” On this tape, there is footage of horse racing and Robyn Smith riding Superstitious, and half an episode of Celebrity Billiards from 1968.

  • [Once a Star : Robyn Smith, Celebrity Billiards]

    [Once a Star : Robyn Smith, Celebrity Billiards]

    This tape contains raw footage for the 1986 television special “Once A Star.” This video includes an interview with female jockey Robyn Smith and a short clip from an episode of Celebrity Billiards from 1968.

  • Robyn Smith #1

    Robyn Smith #1

    An interview with Robyn Smith, the famed jockey. As the one of the first females to race horses professionally, she touches on her jockeying career and the struggles she had encountered throughout it. Smith also discusses her passion for riding, the debate over whether it is the jockey or the horse that wins the race, and the politics and biases of the horse racing world.

  • Robyn Smith #2

    Robyn Smith #2

    Another part of an interview with legendary jockey Robyn Smith. With more personal stories about her own life and career, she delves deeper into the sport of horse racing, discussing the reasons why she always felt she was a natural fit to be a jockey. Smith also reflects on her past and childhood, as well as her friendships with male jockeys and the complex nature of the horse racing world in general.

  • Robyn Smith #3

    Robyn Smith #3

    In this part of an interview with renowned jockey Robyn Smith, the details of her personal and professional life are explored further as she compares her present time in retirement with her horse racing past. Smith discusses the rigorous and solitary daily routine of her time as a jockey, as well as her adjustment into retired life, giving more in-depth analysis of the beginnings of her career, her aversion to the press, and the people that have helped her along the way.

  • Robyn Smith #4

    Robyn Smith #4

    B-roll of Robyn Smith walking from the horse stables of a racetrack onto the track itself and back to the stables.

  • Once A Star #2

    Once A Star #2

    The second of two hour-long programs profiling former professional athletes. The show focuses on these athletes’ lives after retiring from sports, with archival footage sprinkled throughout. We get an in-depth look at these personalities, while also indirectly getting a sense of the difference between professional sports of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s versus today: virtually all of the athletes work for a living. This program includes segments on Former Chicago Bears Doug Atkins and Bill Wade;  pioneer female jockey Robyn Smith; hockey’s Dennis and Bobby Hull; pool hustler and oddball raconteur Minnesota Fats; baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn; and former world heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson.

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