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  • Nuclear Newsreel

    Nuclear Newsreel

    An independently produced international news report featuring coverage of popular protest and civil disobedience in response to the nuclear arms race.

  • Talking Peace

    Talking Peace

    Director Mark Freeman says: “The cycle of violence in the Middle East may seem to have no end, but in San Diego Jews and Palestinians have united despite the odds. Talking Peace takes viewers inside the Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue and tells a compelling story of two sides coming together through the simple act of listening.”

  • Edmund’s Island

    Edmund’s Island

    Edmund’s Island follows Edmund Thompson, a homeless veteran and news-hawker in Enincitas, California, taking care to show Thompson’s infectious joy, life philosophy, and the community he has built around his island, a traffic divider in the middle of Enincitas Blvd.

  • Jackie PSA’s (1987)

    Jackie PSA’s (1987)

    Two near-identical short promotional videos encouraging adults in the Bay Area to become foster parents through Bay Area Homes for Children.

  • MAD RIVER: Hard Times in Humboldt County

    MAD RIVER: Hard Times in Humboldt County

    MAD RIVER paints a picture of the conflict between North Californian lumber corporations and Redwoods National Park through the perspective of Humboldt County’s lumber workers, who have little to no say in how the conflict plays out but are perhaps most affected by its outcome.

  • One in a Million

    One in a Million

    A portrait of gun control activist Mary Leigh Blek, whose son was killed by gunfire, produced for the Million Mom March.

  • Crip-Trips


    Brief portraits of disabled individuals living independently. They discuss their everyday lives and the mistaken assumptions that able-bodied people make about how they live.

  • [Sandifer/ Shavon Dean]

    [Sandifer/ Shavon Dean]

    Segment on the one-year anniversary of the murder of Shavon Dean.

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