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  • [Pigeon Racing… Sport of Kings]

    Alternate title: Racing Pigeons… Sport of Kings.

  • Rugby Women

    Rugby Women

    By 1972, rugby football as an organized sport for women, was played at three universities in the U.S., including the University of Illinois. In 1977 the Lake Shore Ale-wives became the second women’s rugby team in Chicago. This video contains Interviews with the players, footage from practice sessions and scenes of their first home game. The women reflect on the problems they must overcome in playing a traditionally male sport and the benefits they derive from it. SILVER PLAQUE, Chicago International Film Festival, 1978

  • Remembering Phyllis George (1949-2020)

    Remembering Phyllis George (1949-2020)

            Phyllis George (1949-2020) was a pioneer…the first woman to appear on a network sports broadcast in 1975. She was on every Sunday on “The NFL Today” on CBS. Originally from Denton, Texas, she was Miss America in 1971. Phyllis became the First Lady of Kentucky when her husband John Y. Brown, the CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken, was elected Governor in 1979. She died in May 2020 of a blood disorder. “I met Phyllis at Super […]

  • Bulls-Sox Underground Show

    Bulls-Sox Underground Show

    Interview with Jerry Reinsdorf.

  • Best of Wild Chicago, no. 309: Sports

    Best of Wild Chicago, no. 309: Sports

    Episode 309 of Wild Chicago features a Sports theme. Eclectic sports like turtle racing, Jello wrestling, and an art exhibit turned into a mini-golf course are seen alongside an Italian-American sports museum and some pugilist philosophy.

  • Chicago Tonight: What Does A Female Athlete Look Like?

    Chicago Tonight: What Does A Female Athlete Look Like?

    A segment on Chicago Tonight featuring Elizabeth Brackett on the history of female athletes, and the new exhibit at the Chicago Historical Society: “What Does the Female Athlete Look Like? Game Face”

  • [Title IX]

    [Title IX]

    In recognition of their accomplishments, Indiana University honors its pre-Title IX female athletes with varsity letters. Women’s participation in college sports has quadrupled since the passing of Title IX, but gender inequity in college sports remains a problem.

  • [Chicago Tonight: Can Chicago Bulls Win in 1993?]

    [Chicago Tonight: Can Chicago Bulls Win in 1993?]

    On Chicago Tonight, Elizabeth Brackett and a panel of sports writers discuss the Chicago Bulls’ chances of winning the 1993 NBA Finals.

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