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  • …living in the city

    …living in the city

    William Chayes’s “…living in the city.” This experimental Super-8 film is a meditation on the speed of life in the city. The film uses time lapse motion editing techniques.

  • [Spectra motion pictures: time-lapse footage]

    0:00 Time-lapse of a busy city at night, cars move quickly down the street and on a bridge. 0:50 Time-lapse of clouds moving over a mountain. 1:30 Time lapse of cars speeding down a highway. 1:40 Time-lapse of cars driving across a well-lit bridge, the New York skyline in the background. 3:30 Clouds moving across a bridge through until nightfall, when the bridge is well-lit. 3:55 Time-lapse of the New York City skyline. 4:05 Time-lapse of clouds moving across a […]

  • [Spectra motion pictures : time-lapse footage]

    0:00 Color bars

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