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  • What is Prologue?

    What is Prologue?

    A documentary about Prologue Alternative High School, located in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

  • [Prologue High School: Coal Mining Mural 2]

    [Prologue High School: Coal Mining Mural 2]

    Interviews and musical performances celebrating Appalachian culture in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood alongside the unveiling of a student-painted mural depicting coal miners.

  • [Prologue High School: Coal Mining Mural 1]

    [Prologue High School: Coal Mining Mural 1]

    An interview with Marion Kline, a former coal miner who moved to Chicago after retirement, conducted at an event celebrating Appalachian culture in Uptown and the unveiling of a mural based on Kline’s experiences.

  • [Prologue High School: Coal Mining Mural 3]

    [Prologue High School: Coal Mining Mural 3]

    Interviews with high school students at Prologue High School who painted a mural depicting the struggles of coal miners, as well as with former coal miners who have relocated to Chicago.

  • Anna’s Story

    Anna’s Story

    Carol Marin special report on life on the streets of Uptown, focused on a woman named Anna Ronkowski, who spent 24 years living on the streets, beginning as a child runaway, experiencing prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction, and rape, before getting clean at age 39.

  • What’s Uptown?

    What’s Uptown?

    A look at Uptown in 1981 from the point of view of the everyday people who live and work in the neighborhood. In addition to on-the-street interviews with working class people about their opinions on their neighborhood, the documentary also spends a significant amount of time talking to gang members. The footage in mostly in color, although a few sections are in black & white.

  • Uptown special projects scrapbook

    Uptown special projects scrapbook

    This is a series of short video segments shot primarily in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago in 1974. They mostly concern problems faced by the residents of Uptown, including issues with the FLAT grant, the practice of redlining, and the lack of projects and programs which would make the community safer for the public.

  • Scrapbook: Bank Issue

    Scrapbook: Bank Issue

    This video shows the efforts of the Organization of the Northeast (O.N.E.) to push local financial institutions into investing more of their money in the Uptown and Edgewater neighborhoods of Chicago. It contains a series of segments from 1974, including a session with Gov. Dan Walker, a meeting with the Uptown National Bank, and three newsreels which show the backlash against some local banks, as well as the O.N.E.’s success in negotiating a pact with four of the banks in these neighborhoods.

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