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  • Nixon Resigns: The Legacy of Impeachment

    Nixon Resigns: The Legacy of Impeachment

    August 8, 1974.  It was a different world, a different president and an unprecedented American crisis.  That was the night Richard Nixon sat in the Oval Office and made the surprise announcement that he was resigning as President of the United States. Some independent video producers obtained a videotape recorded in the moments before the speech.  It was the European pool feed, never intended for broadcast: a rare glimpse into the curation and production of a president’s image. We think […]

  • Nixon resigns, August 8, 1974

    Nixon resigns, August 8, 1974

    Forty years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States. Millions tuned in to his televised address to see what Nixon had to say about his presidency and his reasons for resigning. What they didn’t see was the seven minutes of the television pool feed before Nixon went live. It’s a fascinating counterpoint to the gravity of the event and a unique look at Nixon’s mindset at this defining moment of his career. The video also includes […]

  • [Nixon’s resignation]

    [Nixon’s resignation]

    Nixon’s resignation, with a full transcript, and some footage from just before the broadcast.

  • [Nixon’s resignation]

    White House pool feed of Nixon before and during his resignation broadcast on August 8, 1974. This is not Nixon ‘s entire speech. The speech is cutoff after Nixon announces that Vice President Ford will replace him (about 4 minutes into speech). He appears jovial and carefree beforehand, giving no signs of the gravity of his announcement.

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