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  • Mayor Daley proclaims “Wild Chicago Day”- 1996

    Mayor Daley proclaims “Wild Chicago Day”- 1996

    On the occasion of our 100th episode, we decided to see if we could persuade the Mayor’s Office to issue a proclamation recognizing WILD CHICAGO DAY. It was surprisingly easy. We handed off the document to Field Producer Mike McAlpin one afternoon to see who he might convince to read our official city proclamation on-camera. Playing along were: Kup, Richard Roeper, Stella Foster, Cook County Clerk David Orr, Ald. Burt Natarus, Ald, Bernie Stone and Ald. Dorothy Tillman.

  • [Joe Cummings for Wild Chicago]

    [Joe Cummings for Wild Chicago]

    Raw tape of Joe Cummings driving up and down Madison Street on the West Side of Chicago. He talks about inner city problems and interviews a police officer and some men on the street. The segment was shot for Wild Chicago. Continue reading