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  • [Radio Faces raw: Harry + Spike #3]

    [Radio Faces raw: Harry + Spike #3]

    Harry and Spike, the hosts of a late night show on WMVP, interview several people on their show including Steve Maltay and Bob Halbrook, the coach of the UIC Flames

  • Harry + Spike #4

    Harry + Spike #4

    Footage of the Harry and Spike radio broadcast from WMVP. Continuation of previous tapes.

  • Larry Wert #1

    Larry Wert #1

    Tom Weinberg and Patrick Creadon interview Larry Wert, the general manager for WMVP, The Loop, and a few other radio stations in Chicago.

  • WMVP


    Skip Blumberg visits the WMVP radio station and talks to two of the hosts there, while they broadcast, for the TV show Radio Faces. There is also a clip at the beginning of Chet doing a segment for Radio Faces.

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