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  • Montage of Four Women

    Montage of Four Women

    Brief portraits of four women who speak about their lives: a young poet, a gardener, a former social worker, and a doctor.

  • Mary Peyton Meyer

    Camera original footage of an interview with Vandalia, IL news reporter Mary Peyton Meyer (1905-2008).

  • Newshour: Low Wage Jobs

    Newshour: Low Wage Jobs

    A news segment covering the low wage jobs that many women find themselves stuck in, and the fight to enact change. The report includes personal stories from women working low-income jobs, details on the Working Women for Change initiative, and counter arguments from business representatives about the feasibility of higher wages.

  • International Videoletters: Rochester Women’s Video Collective

    International Videoletters: Rochester Women’s Video Collective

    From the International Videoletters series, a message from the Rochester Women’s Video Collective. It features two parts: an interview with Reverend Merrill Bittner about sexism in the church, and and interview with Deborah Granger about office gender politics.

  • Las Nicas (español)

    Las Nicas (español)

    Una dramatización basada en entrevistas hechas por Julia Lesage y Carole Isaacs con mujeres nicaragüenses en Managua en 1981 y 1982. Las mujeres hablan de la vida diaria bajo la revolución y de la represión de la díctadura somocista. Expresen sus ideas sobre el trabajo, la religión, la vida romántica, los hombres, la familia y los niños, la defensa, y la participación social.

  • El Crucero (English)

    El Crucero (English)

    In September 1984, director Julia Lesage visited a coffee plantation with Nicaraguan camerawomen, Amina Luna and Miriam Carrero, and organizers from the ATC, the Nicaraguan salaried farm workers’ union. El Crucero gives an in-depth picture of that farm. The tape is organized in four “movements,” each in a different documentary style, to capture different aspects of life and politics on that farm. The use of different documentary styles provokes a reflection on how the US media convey information about other countries and cultures.

  • Las Nicas (English)

    Las Nicas (English)

    In 1981 and 1982, Carole Isaacs and Julia Lesage visited Nicaragua and did in-depth interviews with women in the Managua area. Here Nicaraguan women speak about the topics of work, sexual politics, religion, family life, children, social participation, and defense.

  • Farm Wives

    Camera original interviews with farm wives.

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